Advance Health Care Directives

Our practice combines four separate documents to comprise your Advance Health Care Directives.  Other attorneys may approach your health care directives in a different way but we feel this approach best fits the needs of our clients.

Health Care Power of Attorney

Indiana has two different codes sections that relate to giving someone power to act on your behalf in making medical decisions.  The first code section is located within the power of attorney statute and is covered by health care power of attorney document.

Appointment of Health Care Representative

The second code section is relatively more recent and directly deals with appointing an health care representative and is covered in the document bearing the name, Appointment of Health Care Representative.

Medical Information Release

Once you have appointed someone to make decisions on your behalf, you will need to make sure they have full authority to speak with your medical professionals and the insurance company.  A release for medical information (or HIPPA release) clearly gives your named representative the authority to work on your behalf.

Living Will Declaration

This document allows you to make certain end of life decisions now and relieves the burden of making those decisions from your appointed health care representative. Some of our client choose to not include this document in their plans.

NPR has a nice segment on the importance of living wills. From the interview headnote,

A new medical study looks at a hot issue from the recent debate about the nation’s health care system: planning medical care for our final days. The study found that a lot more people have outlined their wishes in advance than previously thought, and that those directives very often prove useful.

Visit NPR for the full segment.

There are various combinations and forms that these documents may appear in but every health care plans should cover and represent these four idea: health care power of attorney, appointment of health care representative, a release for medical information and a living will.