Estate Planning

A person’s estate plan needs to be customized for their individual situation and goals.  Too often, we talk to people that think it is a simple as generating a few documents and signing them.  One of our first jobs when meet with clients is to help them understand that your estate plan goes far beyond the documents that an attorney generates. The documents we generate help facilitate an overall strategy that goes beyond those documents for transferring your wealth to the next generation.  Wills and trust are not the end of the story but the beginning.  No matter your plan, a client will need to be involved in making sure the plan is carried out.

Clients deal with a variety of issues and it is impossible to list them all here but during our initial meeting we will get a picture of your assets, family concerns, and your overall goals.

Please look through some of the sections we have prepared for you relating to creating your estate plan.  If your have questions or would our help in developing your own plan, please call us at (219) 926-2188.